2003 Nadimarg Massacre

2003 Nadimarg massacre was killing of 24 Hindus in the village of Nadimarg in Pulwama District of Jammu and Kashmir by terrorists on 23 March 2003.

In 1990 bulk of the Hindu Kashmiri Pandit residents left the village due to selective killings and negative propaganda against Pundits at the start of Pakistan supported insurgency in Kashmir.

The armed militants came dressed in counterfeit military uniforms.The attack took place between 11 pm and midnight. Victims included 11 men, 11 women, and two small boys who were lined up and shot and killed by the gunmen Terrorists. The victims ranged from a 65-year-old man to a 2-year-old boy. On night of 23 March 2003 the terrorists entered at Nadimarg village near Shopian in Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir and dragged the Hindus out from their homes, lined them and shot them from automatic weapons. At least 24 Hindus including 11 women and 2 children were killed. The policemen posted there fled the scene. The killers allegedly disfigured the bodies of the victims, looted their houses and took away the ornaments from bodies of the dead women.


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1997 Sangrampora Massacre

1997 Sangrampora massacre was the killing of seven Kashmiri Pandit Hindu villagers in Sangrampora village of Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir on 21 March 1997 by alleged Islamic militants. 

This was the first of series of massacres which selectively targeted minorities in Jammu and Kashmir. The victims were led away and lined up. The militants shot and killed seven people. Several people were injured. The killers fled in the dark.
Bharatiya Janata Party called for the dismissal of the government of Farooq Abdullah after this massacre.

Wandhama Massacre

1998 Wandhama massacre 

The1998 Wandhama massacre refers to the murder of 23Kashmiri Pandit Hindus in the town of Wandhama in Jammu and Kashmir on 25 January 1998.The victims included four children, nine women and 10 men.Lashkar-e-Taiba has been blamed for perpetrating this massacre.The attackers also demolished a Hindu temple and a house.

KP Exodus Part 2

The cold, dark night of January 19, 1990, had stirred into life the worst nightmares of Kashmiri Pandits living in the valley. Screaming from loud speakers and crowded streets was a message forthe Sikhs and Hindus living in Kashmir-Ralive, Tsaliv ya Galive(either convert to Islam, leave the land, or die).The threats had been coming in for a long time, but the night of January 19 is said to have seen a demented assault of a different level. Even 26 years later, Kashmiri Pandits shiver remembering the night that forced them into exodus.


Ethnic cleansing ofKashmiri Pandits was an event that occurred on 20 January 1990 when most of the Pandit families were forced to flee from Kashmir valley due to outbreak of terrorism.The estimate of Pandits having fled Kashmirranges from approximately 100,000 to as high as 800,000.According to Indian government, more than 60,000 families are registered as Kashmiri migrants including some Sikh and Muslim families.Most families were resettled in Jammu, NCR and other neighbouring states.In 2016, only 2764 Kashmiri Hindus were left inKashmir Valley.